Monday, 25 May 2015

It's not all about me.....

These last two weeks I have had people all over the world say to me what you are doing is amazing, you are truly inspirational. Friends, family, friends of friends, old clients etc.  I started to think is what I am doing really that amazing? Working in a job that has so much diversity, interacting with amazing clients, hearing and seeing new things and enjoying a new and challenging culture. Is it really that inspiring? Is it not just me having finally bit the bullet and not worried about finances, what the future holds and just grabbing an opportunity that had come knocking and run with it and enjoying life?  Then I said to myself 'Beth it's not all about you!'

This weekend I listened to a sermon that discussed this 'selfie' world we live In. Where we look for the best photo that week and filter it to suit what we want the world to perceive we are like instead of actually being who we are. We look for the number of 'likes' to see how popular we really are and how 'awesome' our status can be even though we've edited it a few times to get it just right.  It got me thinking this isn't about me at all. It is about the people on my journey. It's about the NGO work they are doing, the music they're creating, the projects they are calling awareness to. So I thought I'd share this time their links to their amazing journeys and so here are the links....

Landirani (African Vision Malawi) :
Initially a family run NGO that now has multiple projects on the go within the Lilongwe region.

George Kalukusha Music (check him out on Facebook)
Born and bred Malawian with a great voice

Mizu Foundation (check on Facebook)
An organisation raising funds for other charities within Malawi

There is Hope (
Organisation supporting the disabled with in the Dzaleka refugee camp 

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre (
Game reserve rescuing animals that are being poached or harmed

Flood Church let girls be girls campaign (

This list goes on without my selfies this time. Completely unedited.

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