Sunday, 30 August 2015

Malawi Day

People ask me 'What do you mean when you say a typical Malawi day?' Right here it is, the 30th of August 2015.

I arrived back from the UK to a power cut and mains water being off no worries I can sort stuff out tomorrow the 30th of August. Hahahaha 1 to Malawi 0 to Beth.

Woke up at 615am to realise there was no power. No worries I'll head back to sleep, it'll be back on. Woke up at 9am. Still no power, milk in fridge is now off, gas burner has been borrowed for a camping expedition so no ability to boil water. So many dishes from weekend, no water to wash up. So many clothes from holidays that need washing oh no wait no electricity & no water. How many times is it ok to wear your underwear again?!

Right nae bother I will do some study. Oh no wait the documents are on the uni server, I'll research some on line, oh but wait phone dies, Internet dongle not topped up and laptop hasn't been charged.

Ok not a problem I can have a shower. No hot water and no pressure. Lovely. Refreshing you say as the weather starts to heat up.

Ok let's have lunch. Ah wait all products in fridge need cooking and you can only eat so much cheese and crackers in a 3 week space. Ok I'll go shopping. We need some basics like butter, cereal etc.
Ah yes but the shop has no normal butter unless you want to spend the equivalent of $15AUD and no real cereal except cornflakes and milo crispies. No problem I will get eggs. Didn't think that through did you Beth - you have no power!!!!!!

Right return home. Still no power. I'll call friends to go for lunch. Well you would Beth if your phone was charged. Right. Let's do some yoga for deep breaths! There's only so many sun salutations one can do! Right lets read. Ah yes now we're down to candle light. Ok don't burn the pages Beth!  Cheese and pickles and rice crackers for dinner because you bought uncooked chicken for dinner! iPod is dying .... How ok is it to do interpretive dance until you're tired?! 

Neighbour comes to the rescue....they have a generator!! Charge phone for some contact to outside world. Apparently no one needed me during the last 15hours of no power. Home to try not to burn myself reading again. Power is back!!!!! Right load of clothes on, washing up done, chicken cooked for next 2 days, all appliances in every charging spot possible. Opened fridge....hmmm the smells will need to be dealt with tomorrow. Oh wait tomorrow is only Monday and there will be daily power cuts til Christmas?! Hibernation ensues.

Posted this blog.... Then the power went out. Malawi.

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