Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The things people don't tell you .....

Living in a country different to your own presents some challenges, some entertaining stories and some life lessons.  I thought I'd share a few with you.

  • Riding in a minbus with animals is normal.
  • Having a baby pee on you whilst on outreach is normal.
  • Smiling at someone invites conversation and potential wedding proposals.
  • Frill neck lizards are just as scary here as at home, especially when they are attached to your screen door.
  • Having electricity in a 24hour period is something to celebrate.  Get your baking done!
  • Having electricity and water at the same time makes you jump with joy!
  • Despite not wanting avocados, mangos, bananas on a daily basis you will still be asked.  Turning off your engine does not invite a quick sale.  Pepani (sorry)!
  • Sindikufuna (I don't want) is a helpful phrase!
  • Creating your own road rules is essential to survival.
  • Riding a bike or a motorbike with goods to sell is a balancing act and should be rewarded!
  • Ordering food on a menu is not a guarantee that it will be available or what you have asked for.
  • Just because I am white does not been I am a money tree (however it would be nice).
  • Apparently men are like trees you can just pick one you know!
  • Your stomach is an amazing organ.  It deals with some things (I won't go into details).
  • Shaking hands with an enthusiastic CP child is very rewarding and humbling.  It can also be detrimental to your fingers!
  • Mice on sticks regardless of culture will never be eaten by me!
  • I appreciate that nsima or rice is a staple. There is no need for me to eat either for some time.
  • My name is Beth however Bert, Bertha, Birth will also suffice for ease of conversation.
  • White girls can't dance.
  • Goats are unpredictable.
  • Paying the equivalent of $15AUD for Vegemite or Timtams is really not acceptable!
  • Being called fat is acceptable - it means I have money for food.  I appreciate you might be trying to say I need to loose a few kilos or that I am toned from the increase in exercise (I'm going with that option) but it is not acceptable to me!
  • Working with kids is fun (who would've thought).  Working with kids who have a disability and receive a new limb and can now play football again that is the most rewarding experience of all.

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