Sunday, 20 March 2016

Malawi adventure slowly coming to an end....

My time in Malawi for this extended period is slowly coming to an end. 6 weeks to go and time is becoming precious.  I know I will be back in Malawi (the place is addictive) but when and how I don't know.

What an amazing experience these last 18 months have been.  How does one sum up the experiences, the emotions and everything in between?

Someone asked me the other day what would I miss most about my time here. It most definitely will be the clients we have helped. Their smiles, their gratitude, their humbleness.

My favourite days are outreach days.  Post rainy season driving through the maize fields, looking at the tabacco hanging in the rafters of the huts are some of my favourite images.  The villages come alive during this period.  The dust has settled and life can be 'okay' during this time.  This is 'my Malawi'.  Waiting to assess each client that comes through the door.  What condition will they have?  Will be able to help? What will be the outcome?  They are exciting days.

Home will always be Brisbane but Malawi will always hold a special place and shape who I am today.  Life will be very different in 2 months time when this adventure is over and I start to look for the next one.  Returning to western society will be interesting and a different challenge all on its own.  Whether I'm there for a short period, pending the next job, life will certainly be different come June!

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