Sunday, 20 May 2012

Friday 18th May

We spent the day at Mbang'ombe maternity clinic where we assessed 21 people with varying disabilities.
One young 12 year old girl, complained of a burnt right heel that happened when she was 2 years old.
She was extremely ill and her parents thought she'd been possessed.  So they had a witch doctor perform a ceremony but no one realised that the young girl was standing in the fire.  She burnt through her right heel and even 10 years later it is evident where the flesh and nerves would've been affected.

Another young girl of 14, named Judith,  I think had mild cerebral palsy.  Her primary complaint however was of sore feet and knees.  She had stopped going to school in standard 2 (age 8-10) because her clothes were too tatty.  When asked if we could find a uniform for her or clean clothes would she go to school her answer was a resounding yes.

Saturday 19th May

Landirani had a fund raiser today at the international school Bishop Mackenzie's school fete.
School fetes are no different country to country!!  There is still a child asking for money, there are still children eating excessive amounts of fairy floss and there is inevitably stalls still setting up when people started to arrive. We did however meet some amazing organisations.  One of which is based in our area in a refugee camp where the women make jewellery to sell - absolutely beautiful.  Another charity next to us, called Joyful Motherhood, were selling extremely tiny baby clothes, to try to raise money to continue educating pregnant women and during childbirth on the importance of their health and of the babies health.

It was however surreal to be in an azungu school with many of the items being azungu prices.

Sunday 20th May

Went to an azungu church today held in a Chinese restaurant. The service was run by a Malawian born pastor who had lived in Bahrain as a child but spoke with a very American accent.  Multiculturalism is alive in Lilongwe!

It was definitely an azungu day as we finished off with Jazz by a Malawian band at a bar called 4 seasons.

Tomorrow is another planning day but then my last day in the villages will be Tuesday.  Looking forward to another great day!

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