Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Last drop in session

Today was the last day for me in the villages doing disability assessments.

Yet again there are a few stories to tell....

A 58 year old woman presented with a sore foot.  At the age of 2 her mother had a dream that her daughter's foot was being taken away.  The mother believed that the child was possessed and so sent her to an African Witch Doctor who proceeded to break her foot right across the ball of her foot.  She has walked on her toes ever since and has quite a significant crease across her foot.

Another 18-19 year old boy has epilepsy and can be quite violent. He however turned up today in a dress as he like to put his shorts and things in the toilet!

There were 2 girls in their 20s who had never been to school.  They had a history of feinting. When asked if they could learn a skill (for example sewing, craft, basket weaving etc) what would they like to learn, their response and their mother's response was no they can't they haven't learnt anything it wouldn't be useful.  It is stories like these however that the new training village that Landirani is in the process of building, is specifically designed for.

Now what we need is donations to continue to build the facilities and provide the tools and elements to teach people such as these new skills to enhance their quality of life.

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