Wednesday, 20 June 2012

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The Landirani Trust - Supporting Orphans in Malawi

Hi everyone
I have just returned from a month in Malawi and lots of changes are happening, most of them on the positive side.
With the new Lady President Joyce Bandanow on board, there is dramatic change in the feel of the country, with noticeable changes such as International Aid returning, selling the controversial Presidential jet, fuel in most of the garages, devaluation of the kwacha and passing of the Disability Bill which had been pending for 8 years.
All that in a month! A lady who means business!
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Building Projects

For Landirani, now the rainy season is finished we have a number of building projects starting. Most exciting for us is the new build of a Community Based Childcare Centre (CBCC) in rammed earth. This is funded by Aid Camps International and we hope will be completed by September. Malawi has taken on the National Standards for Rammed Earth, and will in the future allow community buildings to be built in this sustainable way.
We are possibly the first in Malawi to pave the way, using the new Code of Practice. The Mall Preparatory School have also raised funds to rebuild a double school block which collapsed in their partnership school 18 months ago. We hope this will be completed by October/November. We are also going out to tender for our new build of a maternity unit, so once the money is raised by Project4Africa, this will start.

Disability Register

One of the focuses of my trip was on disability. We have now started to put together our Disability Register and Beth Sheehan (an Australian physiotherapist who volunteered with Landirani in 2010) came over to start this process off. Gathering information, making assessments and meeting with organisations that we can refer people on to, for help.
It is a major undertaking and I think we have just touched the tip of an iceberg! Some harrowing stories, particularly linked with witch doctors, which you will be able to read about soon on the website.

Quiz afternoon, 23rd June

We have three Malawi visitors coming over to the UK this month, so we hope you can join us for our "How British are you?" quiz with afternoon tea in the garden. This will be held on 23rd June (3.00 - 5.30pm) and a chance to have a chat with our special visitors, who are our Education Manager and two partnership teachers of Coombe Hill Infant school.

Indulgence Day, 14th July

We also have our popular Indulgence Day on 14th July (10 - 5.30), where you can come and be pampered with a massage, reflexology, nail therapy, chilled music and drinks and time to relax. All details are on the website. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
We are also looking for any unblocked mobiles and cleaned second hand laptops.
I hope you enjoy the newsletter and thank you as always for supporting us and helping to make a difference in a community in Malawi, 7 years on and you can see the difference! We have a long way to go and you can be part of that journey.
Zikomo kwambiri.
Heather Palmer


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