Friday, 21 November 2014


The trip over was not as exhausting as first anticipated.  I ended up having an interesting Thai massage with a somewhat different hair playing experience. We'll just put it down to when in Thailand…

I hit the ground running on Tuesday when I arrived at the clinic.  Introductions all round.  The balance between ensuring my place within the hierarchy of the Malawian medical system, the hospital as well as ensuring that I manage effectively the team at our clinic will be a fine balance.  Learning the cultural innuendos, nuances etc will be a challenge but I'm already looking forward to immersing myself within the cultural and the system.  Whilst my skills as an exercise physiologist will be somewhat different to the prosthetists, technicians, bench workers and managers in the past I think it will bring a great dimension once we hit the outreach clinics next month. Of which I am looking forward to.  Enhancing my skills in the area of amputations, birth defects etc as well as learning to be an effective, positive and enthusiastic manager are all elements of life in Malawi that I can't wait to explore.

Time is of the essence here in Malawi.  The more time the better.  Things are not done in a hurry but it is all part of the process.  I think this will be a challenge in patience and 'being in the moment' for me!  Building new relationships, processes, clinical reasoning as well as new skills bring an element of excitement.

Whilst some challenges will be exciting others will be frustrating and significantly Malawian.  First 48hours brought this… no hot water, no water, no electricity, broken tap washer tied on with old bicycle tube. Nothing but entertainment here!!  Stay tuned for more fun :-)


  1. No water in the clinic? In your first week?
    I look forward to reading about how you solve some truly unique African issues in the coming year!
    Rock it out and enjoy xx

  2. The adventures are only beginning Hayley!!
    Thanks Maxine! It certainly is a good exciting challenge!!

  3. Great to hear you arrived safe and are settling in well! Amazing work, looking forward to hearing more, xx