Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Job love, nature and all things in between

I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again…it is so nice to love your job!

This week I did a round of the children’s orthopaedic ward with a brilliant Norweigan surgeon.  I am sure he thought I was exceptionally blonde when I looked at what I thought was a catheter bag hanging from the foot for drainage and asked have they not got any proper catheter bags left and we have to resort to shopping bags?? He looked at me strangely for some time and then said that is the traction equipment because there are none here. I.e. the bag was full of rocks holding the broken femur in place! Well of course!!  In my defence a catheter pipe was holding the bag to the bottom of the foot with strapping tape!

We have re-established a connection with the hospital’s physiotherapy department and I am hoping that this connection is maintained to aid with more appropriate and consistent gait training.  The challenge however is for those clients that are from out of town. Gait training often has to occur within a 4 hour window so they can catch the bus home as accommodation is limited.  Our fingers and toes are crossed hoping they will adapt well in the village and also hope they will return in 6 weeks for a review to ensure there is no misalignment occurring and that the device still fits appropriately.

I have on an important girly note found a second hand clothing store! Who knows what vintage collections I could find?!  I have also been told there is a second hand book store with a coffee shop attached – this weekend’s plan.  I am trying to contain my excitement!  Ensuring work life balance is paramount!

Nature news this week I have had a hedgehog in my garden, somehow my flat mate and I have acquired a dog “Bessie” and the cat “Mr Darcy” is becoming all too friendly for my liking. I may have also heard hyenas last night…I can’t be sure…but when in Africa!

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