Tuesday, 24 March 2015

AEP to Sport Scientist….

Well ex-pats in Malawi certainly know how to put on a good show for St Patrick's day.  I was not expecting to see some excellent Irish craic in the middle of Lilongwe!  A tent packed with at least 1000 mzungus.  Who knew that there were that many of us here! Some flash mob appearances of 'Boyzone-reincarnated' kept us entertained whilst I reminisced of an interesting St Patrick's day in Dublin 9 years ago!

From a clinical perspective every week the tenacity and determination of the clients that we see continues to astound me.  From mothers who continue to carry their 12-14 year old boys with CP, to cancerous limbs that one should not ever discuss again, to burns contractures which could have been prevented had they had treatment post burn to those that have been 'treated' by traditional doctors with scars, blindness and other interesting 'cures'.  No 2 days are the same.  CP kids still win the day with me.  One small look has me entertaining them all day.  A pipe dream would be to set up a CP clinic in the villages.  Any willing benefactors and potential rehab staff willing to volunteer get in touch!!!

On a slight change in career path here I was approached by one of the top Malawian teams to assist with rehab, fitness, strength, flexibility and who knows what else!!!  Who knows FIFA may see me yet!  You may make a sports scientist out of me yet (I say that very loosely old colleagues of mine).

2 weeks before Easter and I'm looking forward to the new cases potentially coming through but also a week off to explore some of Malawi! Stay tuned!

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